1. “We’re at a point where we don’t need retailers,” D.C. council member Vincent B. Orange said. “Retailers need us.”

    D.C.’s city council approved a very specific living wage law earlier this week, one that requires companies with annual sales of more than $1 billion to pay its employees a local living wage ($12.50). 

    Before the vote, Walmart announced it would abandon plans for three of six soon-to-be-built District stores if the city passed the law.

    D.C. isn’t the first to engage in a game of chicken between itself and the mega-retailer. Emily Badger looks at Walmart’s struggles with other city governments and wonders, when exactly is it safe to make Walmart play by rules it doesn’t like?

    Read: Exactly When Is a City Strong Enough to Spar With Walmart?

    [Image: Reuters]

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