1. "More than eight in 10 neighborhoods across the United States fall into the two least bikeable categories. And more than half of them — 3500 plus — are concentrated in very bottom category. Conversely, just 3.2 percent of the neighborhoods make the top-ranked category, Biker’s Paradise, while another 14.6 percent can be considered Very Bikeable."

    In honor of Bike to Work Day, Richard Florida takes a look at America’s most bike friendly cities and neighborhoods using Walk Score's bikeability rankings.

    Bike commuting may be on the rise in the United States, but the country is still far from being a Biker’s paradise. 

    Read: America’s Most Bikeable Neighborhoods

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    Remember when my goal in life was to move to Philly with my bike and never own a car. I done really messed up.
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    Ha, Lincoln Nebraska may be boring, but we do have damn good biking. There are so many people who bike to work and...
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    Sacramento may be bike-friendly on appearance, but no one ever wears their helmet and cars don’t give one shit if they...
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    good to hear that burque is on the list
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    I’ll tell you what the biggest roadblock to bikeability in a city: THE FUCKING CARS. Or rather, the fucking DRIVERS....
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    In Boulder, I’m surrounded by bikes and people walking everywhere. And then I go back to Hays, and people literally...
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    This chart is pointless without an overlay showing bike theft stats.
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